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Do you write better when you know no one will read it?
How often do you compare your work to others in your field?
Are you waiting for the right time to begin?

Join me for this 4 hour Awareness Through Movement® immersion to bring structure and freedom to your creative process.


Using movement as our primary medium, we will create the conditions for inner authority to take root and the means for you to stride easily into new and vulnerable territory.

Go Your Own Way
Go Your Own Way
A somatic workshop for artists
Oct 02, 2022, 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM PDT
Via Zoom



4 hours might sound like a long time.

But this workshop is about securing a foundation that you can spring forward from for a lifetime.

There will be 10 minute breaks every hour and plenty of variation and novelty for your creative enjoyment 


Please consider having near you:

Paper and something to write with

A warm and comfortable place to lay on the floor

A firm chair or stool to sit on


Anything else that brings you joy or inspiration​​​

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