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Who Said So?

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

Did you ever hear the story about the little girl who was watching her mom cook a ham for their holiday dinner?

As the mother cuts the ends off the ham before putting it into the pan, the little girl asks her mother why she does that. When the mother says that it’s just the way Grandma taught her, the child calls her grandmother and asks, “Why are you supposed to cut off the ends of the ham before cooking it?”. When the grandmother tells her that’s just the way her mother taught her, they all agree to call Great Grandma to find out the reason for this ritual. The great grandmother chuckles and says she never had a pan big enough for the whole ham to fit.

My blog post for December was published in the current issue of SenseAbility Magazine where the theme was Learning How To Learn.

I hope my own cutting off the ends of the ham story adds an element of common humanity and critical thinking to whatever traditions you embrace as we each close the door on one year and cross the threshold into another.

Yours in Learning ~


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Simon Shadows
Simon Shadows

Loved this! A great reminder to keep my brain open as this new year begins! I often get so stuck in the rules and the way I think things are supposed to be and I forget that I am always the one making the rules in my own life.

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